The Messy Workbench is just a repository of random stuff I’m working on…
My friends call me TechNick, mostly because I can fix their computers, but online you’ll sometimes see me as tehnick, or tehknick.
I’m not an electrical engineer, or any type of engineer for that matter. Nor am I a code monkey. I make my living as a psychotherapist, and as much as I enjoy tinkering with hardware and software and getting it working smoothly, there is nothing so rewarding as tinkering with a human mind and getting it going smoothly.

Everything I know in regards to electronics or coding is completely self-taught, which is why most of it is pretty poor and hacked together. It’s also the reason I often depend on other people’s code. I try to give credit where and when it is due.

A warning though for anyone who stumbles upon this:  The projects I do, I usually am doing simply to learn how stuff works or just to see if I can do them.  I often lose interest if I run into something that is simply too frustrating, or my interest draws me elsewhere…  Or sometimes they just become too boring.  So, if I actually complete a project on here, it will be nothing short of a miracle…  What little I know is almost entirely on the backs of others’ work, so I welcome any contributions.  Please don’t hesitate to post a comment, an idea, or a suggestion.  With that and mind, and my strong opinions against concepts of intellectual property, I will be releasing as much detailed project information and source code as I can, and that, with the entire content on this blog are all released under the Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike license.     If you can use my work, please do, build on it, and maybe let me know what crazy ideas you’ve got going on your Messy Workbench…


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