Open-Source Vibe – Planning

See here, here and here for previous work on this project.

So, now that I have a general idea of how the Beyond 2000 Plus works, I have to make a decision on how I’m going to replicate its functionality.  What I’ve done in the past with radio controlled cars is just tap into the outputs of the microcontroller and control the stock h-bridge directly with the Arduino.  The problem here though is that space is a concern.  I have a feeling that no one will want to use a sex-toy with a huge controller.  I suspect from looking at the design that some of the problems I had with the original was noise and stray voltage coming from the motors resetting the micro.  If I build my own controller and h-bridge from scratch, or at least used a better designed one, I’ll hopefully be able to avoid these problems.

I have a suspicion that vibrator use is somewhat similar from use to use (ie: vibration starts off low and increases in intensity over time).  If I was able to log (to an EEPROM perhaps) changes made to the levels and modes of the vibe over usage time, I may be able to more or less accurately reproduce those changes on successive uses.  Of course, these changes would be merely suggestions that could be changed at the will of the user, and those “overrides” would be logged and incorporated into the system’s “knowledge”.  I suspect that an averaged reproduction of common usage would have a very subtle but pleasing effect.  Imagine a vibrator that predicted your whims based on previous usage.  Seems the next logical step in adult themed technology!

So, 5 buttons, some sort of L.E.D. display to indicate motor speed/mode, a dual h-bridge, and an Arduino to control it all should be a good start.  I’ll add in other components later, when I’m sure the basics are working.

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