Beyond 2000 Plus – The Teardown – Part 1

Please see the previous post for the motivation behind this one…

First step was to disassemble the intended target. I was excited to get into the thing so I forgot to take some “before” shots. This internet image will have to suffice. The Beyond 2000+ is made almost entirely out of plastic with the shaft and stimulator covered in a sheath of some kind of jelly or silicone. The shaft consists of a plastic tube, which contains the motor used for rotating the beads and head, and supports the bead and head structure. Within this white bead/head structure, I suspect there is a gear mechanism for increasing torque, but I haven’t taken it apart to confirm. The tube and sheath were simply glued onto the controller base and it all came apart fairly easily. The glue was weak, and a little leverage pealed away the jelly cover and the plastic tube with little damage. With a little careful stretching, the jelly simply slid off and the two mechanical structures slid right out.

Beyond 2000+ Teardown 3It’s my hope to keep the shaft/bead section as well as the jelly cover for use in the home-brew version.  The next entry will take a closer look at the Beyond 2000+’s control unit.

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