Arduino Based Camera Trigger – Components

I thought I’d make a list of components included so far in the Camera Trigger project.  Keep in mind that things might change at any time and so this list could be updated…  If you have any questions about why I chose something, or what something is, don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments…

And without further ado, the components list:

  • Atmel ATmega328 for brains
  • HD44780-compatible LCD – Yellow text on blue background – backlit.
  • Quadrature Encoder with switch from
  • PS2501 4-channel Opto-isolator (I think from Sparkfun)
  • 24LC256 – 256 kbit I2C EEPROM
  • 16Mhz Crystal and two 22pF Ceramic Capacitors for a clock input.
  • Push button for microcontroller resets
  • 0.1μF Ceramic Capacitor for the microcontroller reset pin
  • 10K Potentiometer – control LCD contrast
  • IR and Yellow LEDs – for infrared transmission and monitoring
  • NPN Transistor for LED switching
  • Serial Port for connecting to camera cable – Cable is sourced from DealExtreme.
  • 2 3.5mm Audio Jacks – for connecting to external flashes
  • On/Off switch
  • Resistors of various values for LEDs, LCD backlight, the optoisolator inputs, and two 10K for the pull-ups for the reset switch and rotary encoder button.
  • LM7805 5v Voltage Regulator
  • Electrolytic decoupling capacitors 100uF/25V, and 10uF/25V
  • 1N4001 1A/50v rectifier diode
  • PTC resettable fuse because I sometimes accidentally try to blow things up
  • FTDI 5v Breakout board from Sparkfun (only used for programming the microcontroller – will not be included in final board)
  • Lots of wire to be replaced by traces on a PCB when designed and etched…

Once I have the software where I want it, and have worked out any bugs in the hardware I’ll put a schematic up.  The board design will go up as well when it’s completed…

If you’re new to powering electronics, it may be worthwhile to check out Sparkfun’s Power Supply Tutorial.  That’s all for now!

More to come…

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